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Why Wedding Planning?

Hello friends! Happy Wildflower Wednesday!

Despite my attempt to not be horrible at this, I have managed to miss a couple of Wednesday updates for y’all. One thing to know about me is that while I love sharing life, I am not an ideal writer. Therefore writing something that I am happy with and confident in sharing with y’all is quite the task. I also have quite the busy schedule so think we are going to make these official blog post more of a once a month kind of thing.

One thing that I have been excited to share with y’all are a few of the reasons behind why I wanted to get into wedding planning. I think that is one my most frequently asked questions, which is totally understandable.

First and foremost I have to contribute much of it to my momma. As I mentioned in my brief biography on the website I spent my entire childhood watching my momma entertain people. It didn’t matter if it was me and a few of my girlfriends or the entire family or anything in between.

My momma was always ready to feed a crowd and put on a party. She certainly taught me how to do that at a very young age and even now she is always the first one in line to help me with and event or help me in whatever I need when it comes to event planning. There is no doubt in my mind that I wouldn’t have half of the skill in event planning as I do without my momma. On top of being a large contributor to my skills in the wedding planning business she is also one of my biggest supporters. She has always encouraged me to work hard and chase my dreams all while cheering me on the entire way. I am truly blessed to have her love and support to guide me as I jump into this new chapter of life!

The next large influence I had this area of life was my first job. At the age of 15 I was eager to work and in need of a way to make a little money in the summer to fund my shopping habits and save up for my first car and that brought me to a job with The Catering Company in Johnson City. In my time with The Catering Company, I had the pleasure of attending roughly about 250 weddings. That exposure to the world of weddings opened my eyes to something I was so passionate about and didn’t even realize it to begin with. I loved everything about it; cooking the food (another HUGE passion of mine), setting up the tables, getting to watch a wedding unfold in front of my eyes. It was all so fascinating and I could feel a love for events beginning to grow. That five year span of my life, while it was early in my life, taught me soo much and made such a large contribution to my collection of skills that I could never go without acknowledging it and the amazing people i worked with! And of course I have to throw out a little shameless plug for Linda DeLong and the Catering Company, they are still doing their thing here in Johnson City and absolutely killing it! Between the catering business and a wedding venue, The Heritage, that they opened in Jonesborough, it is no doubt that Linda knows the wedding industry and I am eternally thankful for the opportunity I had to work with her and the rest of the amazing crew that we had over there!

And of course the most recent push in my decision chase my dreams and make them a reality, was the wedding that I had the pleasure of planning last year. While 2020 was a challenging year in the wedding planning world, this wedding is what finally convinced me that this wasn’t just something that I had fun doing but that it was something that I was actually pretty good at and capable of doing. The amount of trust that Andee and Chris had in me to make their special day everything that they had dreamed it would be honestly blew my mind. Not because I wasn’t confident in my own abilities but purely because someone else who wasn’t in my head and couldn’t see all of the details and plans that I had swirling around up there believed in my abilities to make all of those thoughts a reality. They took a chance on me, giving me their wedding day to do my thing, and I will truly never be able to thank them enough! That wedding is what it took to show myself that this is a dream that is worth chasing. It’s something that I truly love and I am so thrilled that people like Andee & Chris and Rachel & Ross (another beautiful couple that I’ve had the pleasure of working with) have chosen me to give them the wedding days that they deserved. I know that this will be a lot of work and likely a slow process to grow and build this business but I truly want you all to know that I am simply overjoyed to be here and I cannot wait to continue creating magical events for people in the tri-cities area and beyond! Thanks for reading and I hope you have a wonderful Wildflower Wednesday!!!

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